Our second mix comes from Lithuanian-born, London-based, composer and producer Ieva Vaiti - aka Piksel.

Between co-directing the multimedia art collective Syntrex, scoring films and producing hypnotic sound-design under the Piksel moniker, Ieva has been attentively developing a pallet for swarming synths and obscure textured beats found in every-day sounds, capturing not only our attention, but also that of contemporaries like Object Blue and Machine Woman.

Her NSMA-Mix confidently affirms why.

Through her organic yet uncompromising style, Ieva helps us to traverse a variety of sonic impressions, presenting an hour long journey composed of playfully brooding techno and contorted beats, relentless in its delivery.

Stream the mix via Soundcloud and check out our interview below.

Artwork is 'Serpentine Dance' - Loie Fuller [1891]

Hey Ieva! Thanks so much for the mix and answering some questions with us.
Wanted to start by discussing the sound you’ve embodied under the ‘Piksel’ pseudonym - How would you best describe it?

Organic, glitchy, cinematic at times. All coming from being exposed to various music throughout life.

Your album ‘Places’ (released 2019), was a canvas of abrasive beats and intimate violin melodies that touched on IDM, Ambient & neo-classical elements - recalling the likes of Klein and early Caterina Barbieri.  What was the inspiration behind the album?

Most creative inspiration comes from everyday life - and ‘Places’ - is just another experience. It’s a reflection of what it’s like to come to a new place - mentally and physically. When Amy (Syntrex co-director) and I initially started working on the project (in 2018) we were both going through similar things - so we decided to make art from it.

Musically there’s not one genre or style that I was really aiming to capture, but I felt a big part of me was going back to my roots and picking up the violin again!

‘She Ghetto’ - Piksel
[Places - Modularfield 2019]

You mentioned Amy Dang - co-director at Syntrex - and visual artist & director that you have frequently collaborated with.
Can you remember your first collaboration together?

We met on the Barbican Curious Festival residency and instantly clicked.
Our first collaboration was super whack when I look back - we filmed melting ice cream and I made a super intense sound track for it…we laugh about it now.

Tell us about Syntrex?

Syntrex is our art baby. In a world full of commercials and disposable music, we felt it was necessary for us to keep doing art.
It’s a collective of artists working within different platforms - and presenting this work in a collaborative way.

The next Syntrex performance is on 21st February. What can we expect from this show?

The next show - called Some Silver Burns’ is about exploring the different algorithms in natural and man-made forms. We explore this through live electronics, movement and visuals. We’re really excited to be also collaborating with designer Khanh Brice Nguyen for the costumes.

Through your composition work, you’ve scored short-films and adverts for the likes of Prada, Nike & The Times.
Is your creative process different when working on said projects to how you would approach your Piksel productions?

To me - music is music - it’s only the brief that changes.
So the process remains the same, except with Piksel I am in charge of the brief - which sometimes makes things harder! 

Arena Homme+ ‘Construct of an Icon / A Prada Special’  - Timur Celikdag

What would be your dream project to soundtrack?

Hm, it would be awesome to soundtrack a VR game or an interactive installation or film.

Finally, tell us about this mix and what’s next for you?

The mix is an exploration of beats & textures. Mainly things that have stood out to me or I have been checking out recently.
I love things that are bold and full of character. There is also a track there from the new show.

In terms of what’s next - I’m hoping to be more involved in artistic projects, gig more (hopefully a little tour even), more music releases (EP coming soon).

Syntrex presents ‘Some Silver Burns’ comes to The Place, London on 21st February 2020. 
Tickets available via The London Contemporary Dance School.