Today we are proud to welcome Ambient Babestation Meltdown aka the idiosyncratic project from Rye Wax booker and London-based DJ Rachael.

We caught up with Rachael in a short interview covering Cold War Era American sex education documentaries, putting her vocals at the forefront of her creative output and the future of Peckham’s notorious melting pot Rye Wax. Her mix is a riot of unreleased gems, collaged overdubs and newness from Soft Boi and Kevin Richard Martin aswell as 96 Back, aya + more.

Stream her entrancing NSMA Mix via Soundcloud and read the interview below.

Hey Rachael!  Thanks so much for doing this mix for us under your incredible Ambient Babestation Meltdown moniker, it’s really quite different to any other we’ve put out so far. Tell us about you approach to putting this together? There’s a lot more than selecting tracks gone on here...

This might be my most bonkers mix to date, and that is saying something haha. So I start compiling tracks in Itunes before switching to Ableton and get the mix feeling right. In conjunction with this, I’ll decide on a “theme” for the samples. For my mini-residency on Noods Radio I sampled the Paul Verhoeven much-maligned classic Showgirls, a documentary from the 60s on the cosmos, a gay Channel 4 documentary about a rentboy turned furniture maker, and some vintage audio recordings of séances. Sometimes the samples are easy to cut, sometimes I’m spending a week getting just the right audio clips, it really depends on the source material.

For this mix I ended up having to use four different sex ed films/documentaries to find enough usable clips.

But omg they are properly bonkers aren’t they?! Really batshit haha.

You almost always use your own vocal in your output with this project, is that something you’ve always had the confidence to do or is it an aspect you’ve pushed yourself into as a product of the framework and ideas you’ve built around Ambient Babestation Meltdown.

Is there a particular message you want to send with your music?

So Ambient Babestation Meltdown was always meant to be an off-kilter pastiche of those late night call-in shows. Around 2008 I was working in the office of some errrmmmm channels shall we say doing their marketing. And I would occasionally be asked to fill in for the girls in the vocal booths for the adverts as I had the right voice.

This year I’ve started delving into production and using my voice with that so have evolved the project a bit as a result. In fact the first and last tracks on the mix are unreleased collabs by me. The first is me and JEM and we should be putting our first EP out next year although we don’t have a name for our band or our tracks haha. The last track is a work-in-progress of a new project with me and Bristol based Those Who Came Before Us & Us Who Are To Follow.

In terms of the message, I think Crack Magazine summed it up best “It’s hilarious, but also soothing, meditative and a little menacing.”

Outside of this project you’re known as the booker for Peckham’s notorious melting pot Rye Wax.
The space has become a glorious centrepoint for various shades of the London Underground over the years, much due to your hard work, care and attention.

What has your highlight been whilst captaining the ship over there and how’s things been since COVID hit?

I can’t say too much, but we have INSANE AND EXCITING PLANS. Watch this space haha.

This mix takes a deep dive into the world of Cold War era American sex ed films and documentaries.
The origination of you eye catching name has been well documented, but for those unaware you previously worked for a well-known adult channel.

What is it about having a conceptual artist project that excited you, and what are your favourite examples of exciting pesona’s in music or arts in general?

It all happened by accident to be honest and really organically and just spirals out of control periodically haha. I just like making people laugh I think. Or shocking them.
Or both at once. I’m not sure about other examples. I hope there’s no one like me!

It’s a different voice, a different me. My own dad didn’t recognise my voice on a track I sent him haha.

Desert Vents - Angel Hunt & Lou Venterini | BST002

The mix features new tracks from 96 Back, Soft Boi - the new side project of Pessimist, Kevin Richard Martin  - aka The Bug, and some unreleased tracks from your inner circle. You obviously have a real passion for the new and exciting, who are you tipping for greatness in 2021 and beyond?

Ahem, is it too bold to say me?? From UKG I’d say Nitework which is Ell Murphy and Medlar. The Club Glow boys are gonna smash it HARD next year. Another BIG TIP is Angel Hunt & Lou Venterini. They’ve got an insane release forthcoming on Whip + Lash. Oh and of course I love Will Hofbauer. His Dummy mix blew me away.

But from the mix I really hope that Hunting Dog gets some attention next year.  That track moves me to tears every time I listen to it.